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1. Watching a good movi - NdzJ0S9y - неуточнен град : 06 януари 2019 | 06:17:00
Watching a good movie can make me feel heart cantent, a good movie can not only takes me the enjoy of vision but also the different thoughts of things, no matter the movie is romantic, action, suspense, or horror, if it’s a good movie , I know it’s worth to take time to see it, because different types of movies can add the content of my mind, it’s just like I experience a fa... още >>>
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2. Libby and Marshall - - tRRwTBiIr3F - неуточнен град : 05 януари 2019 | 13:03:00
Libby and Marshall - Jennifer, these are absolutely fantastic! You did an incredible job capturing our special day! I was so tickled by some of these too, especially the shot of our rings on top of the truffles. Too cute! Can’t wait to start framing these soon, and thanks again!!Best,Libby and Marshsll WashburnJuly 21, 2012 – 5:53 PM... още >>>
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3. hale: I bought Bono - dqzyUasQ9x - неуточнен град : 02 януари 2019 | 18:51:00
hale: I bought Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy last week, too! Found it while on vacation in the midwest, and we immediately broke into the jingle (O-O-O-Bon-o-mo…) Also discovered Jumbo Jelly Beans at the same dime store – yum – and I’m not that into candy.... още >>>
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4. blood thinner should - xp3aW7wyUU - неуточнен град : 08 декември 2018 | 21:13:00
blood thinner should not cause any problems.With the blood clot in the lung, you want to make sure you bring a note from you pulmonary specialist stating you are good to go. Your DOT examiner will need a copy for your file when he does the exam.Thanks for the question. Trucker Doc... още >>>
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